Today is VE Day – 75 years from the end of WWII in Europe.

It should be a day to celebrate – internationally – and not just for the Allies.

For Italy, erstwhile allies of Germany, it led to their final liberation from Fascism – both their own and the version Germany attempted to impose on parts of the country after Italy surrendered.

For Germany (or the Western part, at least) it marked the end of a nightmare and a new beginning. A beginning that led the country to freedom, democracy and prosperity.

That is why today is being commemorated in Berlin.

For the Soviet Union, of course, there was no such change – but at least it marked an end to the huge loss of life suffered by that country during the war, generally estimated at over 20 million.

Whatever your nationality or country of birth, take a moment to reflect on the comparative peace most of us have benefited from since then – and to hope for even fewer wars in years to come.


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