For the past week or so I have been annoyed over and over again by a song stuck in my head. Or at least, part of a song.

I won’t say what it is – I’d hate to be responsible for making you suffer the same fate – but it’s from the sixties. Now, while there were plenty of great – even classic – songs released then, this isn’t one of them 🙁

There is a name for what I’ve been suffering – an earworm, from the German Ohrwurm (although Wurm can also mean dragon and given the harm it does . . .) – and they are more often associated with annoying songs than pleasing ones.

I don’t recall hearing this song anywhere recently but earworms can, it seems, be triggered by word association.

Somewhere along the line I must have heard a word that unearthed, deep in the recesses of my mind, an association with the words of this song, or the words of the infuriating part that keeps popping into my head.

Researchers from the University of Reading found that chewing gum can mask the earworm – but nothing seems to cure it completely. It seems that I just have to wait for it to go away – or until a less annoying song takes its place.

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