The headline isn’t quite 100% true.  They definitely want you to go to Amazon and spend your money. But they don’t want you if you are one of the many thousands of affiliates who have been helping them to build their business over the years.

I was horrified to discover this.  At a time when people are struggling due to the Covid pandemic, Amazon are coining it in. Tuesday 7th April Amazon’s share price was $2.01.  As it climbed past $2.30 on its way to $2.40, and people like Steven Alvey  and John Thornhill  were trying to help online marketers, Amazon decided to cut the ground from beneath their affiliates. They announced that commission rates would be slashed to uneconomic levels of 1% and 3%.

This is, in my opinion, a terrible thing to do – and not just because it destroys my upcoming launch of an Amazon Affiliate product 😉

Tens of thousands of people promote Amazon products as affiliates. For most it provides a useful boost to their income, but for others it is their income. Amazon don’t care.

Amazon is making record numbers of sales during this crisis, especially with the lockdown, and they have decided that this means that they no longer need affiliates to send buyers to them. Quite simply they have signalled that you – their Amazon Affiliates – are no longer needed as they are making so much extra money.

What a way to thank people, what a way to treat those who have helped them to build their business and are now in need of help themselves.


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    1 Response to "Amazon Don’t Want You!!"

    • Joy Healey

      Wow Norman,

      That’s outrageous. To be honest I hadn’t noticed, so I’m glad you warned me.

      Amazon is just a tiny part of my income, so it hardly affects me, but it’s shocking for affiliates who have made it their core business. And I’m so sorry it’s messed up your forthcoming product launch.

      I hope you can come up with a way to change it.

      Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

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