I am a pensioner and  self-taught computer nerd who has come out the other side of two separate doses of cancer – five years apart.

Wanting to improve my lot (as so many of us do) I tried to earn some money from affiliate marketing online. Over the years I bought many products that promised instant success, but got nowhere.

Trying to make it, I enrolled on courses that seemed to offer so much – and, to be fair, seemed to work for some but not for me. Following the advice on these courses I set up landing pages, got approval for offers, bought solo ads and . . .

I didn’t get anywhere.  Over time I spent around $6,000 or so with virtually no success.

The turning point came when Steven Alvey posted a huge-value offer to help people at the beginning of the Corona lockdown –  and even included telephone calls from Steven.  He was a great help. He also told me to look at John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success, which was how he got going. So I did.  I found it more likely to help me and, despite having no money left for these things, (a relative died last year leaving me debts to clear) I decide on one last throw of the dice.

Now I am no longer on the same old getting nowhere spiral – I am well on the road to a secure future, and I can see things improving almost from day to day.


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